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Pre-Selected, Top 2% Expert Consultants 

2023 UK Winners!

The best consultants, contractors and freelancers, pre-screened and delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.    

Hire expert consultants and contractors rated as "Excellent" or "Exceptional" within 24 hours

Our experts are ready to join your project team, and to help deliver your critical objectives.  Many of the experts have spent careers in major advisory firms, or as independent contractors and consultants.  



Selecting the top 2%


Only the Top Consultants and Contractors


Stakeholders interviewed


Phone and Video  Interviews


 Applicant CVs and Profiles Evaluated

Our Service

Evaluation & Selection

Exclusive Network of Expert Technical, Finance, Risk, Compliance, and Executive Freelancers 

Financial Markets


Expert knowledge in: 

  • Investment Banking

  • Exchanges, CCPs & FMIs

  • Brokers & Financial

  • Fintech & Blockchain

  • Buyside, Wealth & Hedgefunds

  • Private Markets & PE

Hire Quickly

Hire in 24 hours with:

  • Vetted profiles delivered inside 24 hours

  • 4 week, 1 week and immediately available expert freelancers

  • Interview same day, or our interview panel will select for you

Hire Confidently


Pre-Screened & Pre-Vetted:  

Pre-interviewed by our panel

Rated "Excellent" or "Exceptional" by previous client

Work history verified

Right to work verified


Get to Know Us

We find the best contractors, consultants and freelancers in the world, and make them immediately accessible. 


Clients hire expert or SME in hours not weeks, with 100% confidence they will hire a top-performer.  We've spent hundreds-of-thousands of hours interviewing and evaluating.  


We select on only "Excellent" or "Exceptional" to join the Human Experts network. 

Our unique service of proprietary talent network, combined with pre-completed background and right to work checks enables clients hire Exceptional or Excellent, inside 24 hours. 


Human Experts is part of the Kite Group, a multi-award winning group of businesses.  Human Experts provides only the best talent to the biggest brands in financial services

Why are freelancers invite only?

There are tens of thousands of great contractors, consultants and freelancers  we don't know yet.  Our mission is to interview millions of freelancers to find and validate the best of the best. Currently, to help us best support  client missions we only accept new freelancers via one of the below:

  • Invitation

  • Recommendation from previous client

  • Recommendation by an existing Certified Human Expert

We are always adding to our interview team, and will expand to allow any contractor or consultant to have a chance to join our network.  Please use one of our contact form to send us your CV today and we'll let you know when we open submissions.



The Best-of-the-Best Experts

98% of Contractors, Consultant and Freelancers fail our evaluation process.   


We enable our clients to quickly hire the very best people, for critical projects and to hit critical business objectives quickly and confidently. 


We pride ourselves on the quality of our pre-selected, pre-vetted, top 2% financial markets freelancers.  See more about our selection process here.

There are no minimum or maximum durations to our contracts. Hire exceptional quality freelancers on an hourly, daily or full-time basis. 



“I received profiles of top-notch experts within 24 hours. The expert I worked with was professional, knowledgeable, and helped me achieve my business goals.”

Thanks for your message, we'll be in touch.

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